How Run for Water Increased Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 37%

Background and Client

Run for Water is an Abbotsford-based organization whose mission is to inspire, educate, and respond to our planet’s water crisis. They do this in two main ways: first, each spring they host a running event that raises money for clean water projects in Ethiopia and brings awareness to what it means to be a global citizen (it’s also really fun). When they’re not racing, they work with their community in various ways (including partnering with our local schools) to raise awareness about and funds for their projects in Ethiopia.

Why We Were Hired

Our key objective was to Improve the runner fundraising experience and performance related to Run for Water’s annual run to get more revenues to fund more clean water projects in Ethiopia.

The Shift team was great to work with. Felt like we had a real partner in our work. Their knowledge and vision helped our organization grow and succeed in ways we haven’t before.
— Peg Peters, Executive Director, Run for Water

The Results

Run for Water had their most successful fundraising event and fundraising year ever! And when it came to fundraiser activity, the following was achieved:

  • Increased fundraiser signups (those who said yes to fundraise) 78%
  • Increased number of fundraisers 160%
  • Increased fundraiser revenue 37%
  • Increased website traffic 35%

What We Did And How It Helped

The first thing we did was help Run for Water find a new, different, and better tool to help them with their peer-to-peer fundraising for their main event but also provide value throughout the year. 

The next thing we wanted to do was bring the 'purpose' of the run more front and centre. So we crafted campaign key messages with clear calls to action around the work - clean water - and tangible price points - $35 is water for one person and $125 for 1 family.

The lowered suggested and required fundraising amounts were to make the fundraising seem more accessible and the goal more reachable to increase the number of people who said 'yes'.

Since event registration was on one system and the peer-to-peer fundraising was on another system, we helped 'integrate' the messaging and experience (as best we could) with the same key messages about why fundraising would make a difference and how attainable it was. We then helped create an internal data flow and an automated email series for those who said yes to fundraise.

To support fundraisers, we created the fundraising campaign with pre-loaded content, developed a fundraising guide, and had regular emails with tips, updates, and support go out with both automated and monthly emails.

Lastly, and not just related to the peer-to-peer campaign, we managed their Google Ad Grant to help increase traffic and drive race registrations and fundraiser signups.



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